Finding Capital: A Guideline for Entrepreneurs

finding capital developing world entrepreneurs

Wouldn’t it be great if finding capital was easy — if every potential investor responded to every reach-out email you sent with praise and heaps of money?

We both know the answer to that question: of course it would be, but unfortunately, it isn’t. To achieve this goal, you must master the art of raising money.

You might be thinking, “Hold on, I have such a great idea, shouldn’t the investors be flocking to me?”

If you do not compel your investors, it does not matter how great your idea is.

You have spent all of that time creating a wonderful product and drafting the perfect PowerPoint. You worked hard, did your research, and built something great. But if you do not know where to look for money, or if your outreach is poor, there is no way for your idea to get off the ground.

If you want to increase the success of your start up and create valuable connections in your space, you need to master the art of finding capital.

Let AlliedCrowds show you how.

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Three Mobile Financial Innovations On the Verge of Transforming Africa

mobile financial innovations

One of the advantages developing countries have over their more developed counterparts is that they’re able to leapfrog inefficient technologies. This allows them to create innovative business models that are adapted to the local contexts. 

Arguably the biggest technological breakthrough across Africa (and especially in East Africa) has been mobile money. Companies like Safaricom’s M-Pesa have fostered greater financial inclusion, allowing millions of individuals to access tools that help them pay for goods and services, and to start or grow their businesses.

How exactly is mobile money helping people on the ground, and how widespread are mobile financial innovations? Below, we discuss three that are changing Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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India’s Crowdfunding Landscape: What Are the Emerging Trends?

India market

India’s crowdfunding ecosystem is growing rapidly, and as we’ve written in one of our previous reports, the country has the opportunity to become one of the global crowdfunding leaders.

Wishberry logoAmong the crowdfunding leaders in India is Wishberry, a rewards-based platform for creatives that has raised over $1.5m since launching in mid-2012. While that’s a modest amount when compared to US crowdfunding behemoths Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the Mumbai-based startup is growing at 100% annually and expects to double its crowdfunding pledges again this year.

Powering Wishberry’s rapid growth are innovative features and a hands-on approach to campaigns (among other factors) that has ensured that the platform has been able to position itself well within the local crowdfunding environment. The company, for example, offers cash and check pledges, which fits well with India’s cash on delivery culture. It works closely with campaign owners to ensure that the campaign builds trust with potential backers.

To find out about Wishberry’s success to date, India’s crowdfunding landscape, and potential future challenges, we reached out to the company’s co-founder and CEO Priyanka Agarwal. Below are the insights she provided:

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Entrepreneurs, We Help You Find Capital!

capital finder

The following is a post from AlliedCrowds founder and CEO Lars Kroijer.

Speaking as a former entrepreneur, I know all about the struggles of getting a project off the ground. Many question your sanity or business model, or both. Meanwhile you are just trying to get on with things and make your project a success.

You need investors who can back your dream. Unless you have a rich uncle, tons of money in your back pocket, or the unlikely backing of a local bank, you might well be spending a lot of valuable time wondering where the next bit of money will come from.

This is where AlliedCrowds’s Capital Finder comes in. We have built a database of what we consider alternative (or non-conventional) for- and non-profit investors in the developing world (137 countries, ex-China).

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Introducing the AlliedCrowds Capital Finder

AlliedCrowds Capital Finder

Here at AlliedCrowds, we’re committed to helping organizations and entrepreneurs in emerging markets to find sources of capital for their ventures. To date, most of this has been concentrated on crowdfunding — and we see a lot of potential for growth there in the coming months and years. For entrepreneurs, however, crowdfunding may not always be the best funding option. To help a broader range of organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs, we’re excited to announce the launch of the AlliedCrowds Capital Finder!

What is the Capital Finder

The Capital Finder is an innovative tool that’s targeted specifically at entrepreneurs and MSMEs who need capital to take their businesses to the next level.

The Capital Finder lists all of the major alternative sources of capital available to them in their country, including:

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