About AlliedCrowds

AlliedCrowdsLogoPNGThe World Bank estimates that crowdfunding in the developing world could grow to $96 billion by 2025, yet funders have little to guide them to the optimal platforms and projects. Furthermore, there is little insight into the impacts and effectiveness that crowdfunding has had on developing economies.

Information on the reliability of individual platforms is sparse, and data on funding flows in the space are unavailable. With our proprietary data and analytics, AlliedCrowds hasĀ positioned ourselves as the leader in information on development world crowdfunding. In order to provide insight into the economic potential of crowdfunding, we share our analytics in ourĀ global crowdfunding reports.

This blog is an extension of our research, providing up to date commentary on all things related to developing world crowdfunding. By contributing to the growing literature on crowdfunding and development, we hope to spread prosperity through crowdfunding.