Alternative Finance Data for Emerging Markets: Natural Language Processing (Part III)

The following was written by CTO Malcolm Kapuza, who dives into some example code showing how alternative finance data in the Capital Finder is categorized, using machine learning and natural language processing. As I mentioned in the first part of this three part series, the Capital Finder has many useful applications. In the second part, I discussed […]

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Introducing the SDG Capital Finder

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are more than a wish list for organizations, individuals, and companies to aspire to as they think about their development objectives. It is also an actionable framework around which stakeholders can build tools and projects. Aiming to contribute to this framework, we are very excited to announce the launch of […]

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How to Create a Free VPN in 5 Minutes

Free VPN

The following was written by Malcolm Kapuza, CTO. Visiting in Nairobi so far has been an incredible experience. AlliedCrowds works with lot organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and to be able to experience different issues and pain points on the ground has allowed us to rework how the Capital Finder is structured (and we have some very big changes […]

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Alternative Finance in Africa Report Released

alternative finance data

We’re excited to announce the inaugural Developing World Alternative Finance report! The first edition focuses on the state of alternative finance in Africa. The report is based on data from the AlliedCrowds Capital Finder, a database of over 6,500 alternative capital providers across the world. These include angel investing networks, VCs, private equity firms, impact funds, […]

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