Crowdfunding News: March 11

crowdfunding newsWe highlight the week’s top crowdfunding news from around the world that you may have missed. This week: Israel’s OurCrowd expanding to Singapore; Kenyan woman crowdfunds on Indian platform Ketto; a look at Southeast Asia’s equity crowdfunding ecosystem; and more.

  1. Crowdfunding helps Kenyan woman stuck in India get back home | DNA India
    “Fortunately, Caroline found help in Bernard Diouf, a teacher at Mahatma Gandhi International School in the city. Through him, co-founders of Ekam Eco Solutions, an IIT Delhi incubated company working on sanitation, Uttam Banerjee, Vijayaraghavan Chariar and Sachin Joshi also came on board to help Caroline. They raised funds through the crowdfunding platform, Ketto to help Caroline clear her hotel bills.”
  2. Crowdfunding, an antidote to SMEs’ funding vacuum during Greek crisis | Lexology
    “On 29.01.2016 the National Bank of Greece announced the launch of Act4 Greece7, a crowdfunding platform which will fund several areas such as social solidarity, entrepreneurship, culture and innovation. This platform will be funded through the “donation-based” crowdfunding, “crowd-investing” and “crowdlending”, while in its early steps will use particularly the donation model.”
  3. Via Singapore, OurCrowd brings crowdfunding platform to Asia | Times of Israel
    “The partnership will see UOB making a $10 million investment in OurCrowd. Accredited investors (who have a minimum net worth that varies by jurisdiction) among UOB’s clients will now have an opportunity to broaden their investments into OurCrowd’s portfolio companies, UOB said. In addition, Asian companies with innovative technology will now get access to another source of funding through OurCrowd’s equity crowdfunding platform.”
  4. Equity crowdfunding: What we can learn from Southeast Asia | ejinsight
    “In February, Singapore set a threshold for participants in equity crowdfunding. They must have at least S$2 million (US$1.4 million) in net assets, or have income of more than S$300,000 in the previous 12 months. The requirement bars small retail investors but the rule ultimately will result in the healthy development of the crowdfunding industry.”
  5. WE premier open to African shark experts | Yahoo! News
    “Sea Shepherd Australia and No Shark Cull supported the Cape Town Shark Spotters’ visit to WA through an online crowd funding campaign. Fisheries minister Ken Baston said on Thursday government representatives would meet with Shark Spotters during their WA tour to ‘stay informed about programs happening in other jurisdictions.”

Check back next week for more crowdfunding news from around the world.