Crowdfunding News: March 4

crowdfunding newsWe highlight the week’s top crowdfunding news from around the world that you may have missed. This week: crowdfunding for horticulture; regulating the Chinese P2P lending industry; crowdfunding student loans in Indonesia; and more.

  1. Chinese Peer to Peer Lending Industry Does Not Need More Rules | Crowdfund Insider
    “It must be clarified that regulation involves two components: laws and enforcement. I believe the latter should be the main focus of oversight efforts. More rules on their own will not reduce the frequency of fraud, but increased enforcement of existing laws should reduce the amount of illegal activity behind the billions in investor losses and tarnishing of the industry’s image.”
  2. Euronext Lists First Crowdfunded Security: Domobios | Crowdfund Insider
    “The securities began trading today on the Euronext Expert Market (Public Auction), an electronic trading platform for non-listed securities. The event is said to be the first secondary transaction in a ‘crowdfunding instrument on a transparent and secure trading platform in Europe’.”
  3. Is crowdfunding the future of horticulture? | The Guardian
    “Diacono has taken the approach more common in the modern world of crowdfunding – the use of one of the many crowdfunding websites that give you a great platform, on which to launch your project. As is standard practice on these sites, if you pledge your support to Otter Farm Mark is offering a whole range of rewards in return. However, websites such as Crowdfunder, Kickstarter and Indiegogo make their little bit out of it too.”
  4. Singapore’s Largest SME Bank UOB Forms Partnership with OurCrowd | Crowdfund Insider
    “According to OurCrowd representatives, the new agreement will see UOB initially investing $10 million into the OurCrowd platform. UOB will also facilitate their clients broad access into OurCrowd’s portfolio companies. Concurrently UOB will assist OurCrowd in gaining access to innovative Southeast Asian companies to access funding via the equity crowdfunding platform.”
  5. Brief: DANAdidik is Indonesia’s First Peer-to-Peer Lender for Student Loans | Crowdfund Insider
    DANAdidik has launched Indonesia’s first peer to peer lending platform for micro student loans. The new platform was described as a step to provide an equal education opportunity for Indonesian students. DANAdidik says it facilitates: (i) students that are looking for education loan and (ii) sponsors or lenders that want to lend student loan. DANAdidik is designed to act as a social alternative investment that can provide return and self-recycle.”

Check back next week for more crowdfunding news from around the world.