Find Capital, Get Fundraising Advice, and More: Relaunch of Our Website

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Technology has the potential to revolutionize the development sector — and we’re relaunching our website to show how this can be done. Our new site features an improved Capital Finder, Entrepreneur Hub, and Reports on alternative finance.

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated our site. has moved from: a crowdfunding project aggregator, to a live dashboard providing unique insight on crowdfunding in emerging markets, to an early version of the Capital Finder alternative finance database, to a Capital Finder-centric platform. Today, we’re relaunching our site to combine the best aspects of the previous versions, and to highlight how technology can innovate the development sector.

The new site, which launched earlier today, is the best iteration yet. Here’s why:

Updated Capital Finder

The Capital Finder is a unique database of 7,000 alternative capital providers across emerging markets. We’ve worked hard to make it the go-to place for: entrepreneurs looking for investors, development organizations looking for partners, and analysts looking for original data. The database has also been instrumental in compiling unique datasets and analysis for our reports and consulting engagements.

Today, we’re announcing the addition of new funder types to the Capital Finder, as well as a complete re-categorization of each funder on the platform. In addition to angel investor networks, crowdfunding platforms, impact investors, public / semi-public funders, and venture capital firms, we’ve added the following five types of funders:

  • Banks
  • Foundations
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Nonprofits
  • Private equity firms
  • More new categories will be added soon

The new, refined categories mean more accurate results. It’s a significant upgrade with a lot going on behind the scenes that will make the Capital Finder even more useful to entrepreneurs, development organizations, analysts, alternative capital providers, and many more.

We’ve also added profiles for each of the funders in our database:

impact investor renewable africa

Interactive Entrepreneur Hub

Knowing who to reach out to for funding is critically important. But where do you go from there?

We have given entrepreneurs information that helps them better understand the fundraising process. The Capital Finder has always been an effective tool that helps entrepreneurs answer the questions of who to fundraise from. Our Entrepreneur Hub is a natural extension of this, as it helps the answer the question of how to fundraise.

This means providing entrepreneurs with templates of documents they need to present to investors, tips from entrepreneurs who have been in their shoes in the past, explainer videos for key concepts, descriptions of capital types (grant, debt, equity) and funder types (VC, impact investor, etc.), and much more.

The new Hub makes this information more readily-available, and gives entrepreneurs the ability to focus on the aspects they need help with most.

business plan template

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Over the last year, we have paid close attention to blockchain and cryptocurrency developments.

We’ve always recognized the disruptive potential, and we recently made the decision to play an active role in this space. We’ve already built tools that allow us to track cryptocurrency prices in a new way, and we’re gathering insights on how that data can be used to further our mission of innovating development.

Based on our research and data, we have engaged with blockchain in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Contracts
  • Corruption
  • Entertainment
  • Social media

Find out more about our blockchain services here.

More to Come!

It’s an exciting time at AlliedCrowds as we continue to roll out new products and services, improve our current offerings, and engage new clients.

We have some exciting announcements, including new clients,new products, and new reports — stay tuned! If you haven’t already, keep up with the latest by subscribing to our newsletter here.