Kickstarter’s Journey to 100,000 Successful Projects

kickstarter logoKickstarter, one of the most recognized crowdfunding platforms in the world, announced earlier this week that it’s passed an important milestone: 100,000 successfully funded projects.

It took the platform exactly six years, nine months, and ten days to reach the milestone. The 100,000 projects have raised $1.9 billion successfully, meaning the campaigns have raised, on average, $19,000. You can see the numbers breakdown on the platform’s Stats page.

To commemorate the occasion, Kickstarter compiled a list of 100 data points that reflect “some of the best and brightest qualities of the Kickstarter community, and the creative spirit that animates it.” Most of the factoids are pretty goofy (like the number of successfully funded projects launched by someone named Oscar — there have been 16) but some are fairly substantive. We pick out our favorites below.

  • Number of creative categories and subcategories that those projects represent — from Architecture to Zines: 165
  • Number of creators who have launched more than one successfully funded project on Kickstarter: 8,539
  • Highest number of successfully funded projects by a single creator: 94
  • Percentage of successfully funded creators who have also backed someone else’s Kickstarter project: 70.58%
  • Number of countries represented by the backers of the project with the most international support: 169
  • Number of backers who pledged to those 100,000 projects: 9,088,422

Check out the full list here.