Private Funding for Development: Insights from the Capital Finder

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Private funding for development is becoming increasingly important, as organizations look to find capital to finance their programs amid a climate of high political uncertainty.

In this shifting environment, AlliedCrowds has created the Capital Finder, a solution that can be hugely beneficial in unlocking private funding for development organizations, firms, and individuals.

Over the last several months, we have been working hard to improve the data behind the Capital Finder, and we’re excited to tell you a bit more about the tool, and show you how it can be used.

Use Case

The Capital Finder can be used in many ways to paint a complete picture of the alternative finance landscape in a given country or region. The following is an example of just one of many outputs that you can get from using the Capital Finder. To find out how your organization can benefit from Capital Finder insights, contact us

The image below shows the output for a simple search: VCs funding water-related projects in India. The raw data is ranked using our proprietary algorithm, ensuring that the results at the top of the list are useful to your organization. We rank each VC based on how active they are in the target country, and how active they are in the specified sector. The colors to the right help you understand whether a funder is particularly active in India, in water funding, or both.

In addition to giving you a list of 702 private funders for your project, the list also helps you find experts in your target area, allows you to compare how active the private funding sector is in your country versus others, and much more. It’s a highly exciting tool that can help you better understand the private funding landscape in your country — contact us to find out more!

private funding for development

Other Uses

The Capital Finder is a powerful database, with unique and highly actionable information on alternative finance industries throughout emerging markets. It is especially useful when combined with other indicators. Capital Finder data, for example, can help organizations understand what sectors are over- or under-performing in their countries relative to neighbors or countries with similar levels of GDP per capita, and should therefore be supported. Or, it can identify what country or group of countries is overachieving in terms of VC activity, and apply lessons learned from those nations to their own nation.

In addition to being a rich data resource, the Capital Finder is meant to help entrepreneurs locate funding sources that will be most relevant to them, in terms of sector, funding type (equity, debt, grant), and stage of investment. It is a powerful tool that we think can go a long way toward lowering transaction costs associated with fundraising in emerging markets.